What Anchors Your OolaLife?

What Anchors Your OolaLife?

What anchors your OolaLife?

For the OolaGuru and OolaSeeker, it is faith. It is an unshakeable belief that God designed each one of us for greatness and with a unique purpose to our existence and smooths our path to an OolaLife.

Getting plugged into God and faith is very Oola. But others might choose another of the seven Fs–fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun–as their anchor. It can change in a moment’s notice as our perspectives shift during the course of our journey.

Your anchor is closely related to the hub on your OolaWheel. It is the heart and soul of your OolaLife. It lays the foundation and keeps you rolling even as the spokes shudder. It will be a bumpy ride. But when you choose your hub well, it perseveres.

What in your OolaLife gives you that kind of core support? Is it financial security? Is your family the bedrock of your existence? Are you in this for the fun? If everything else were stripped away, which factors would ensure you remained standing tall?

The only wrong answer is one that is not true to yourself. Where does your anchor lie? Here’s how to find out:

  • Forget what you think others would want you to choose. This is your personal starting point in your life’s GPS. Mark it where you are today. Don’t worry about where you’ve been and where you’re going. Does your career define your life at this moment? Does fitness dictate where you’ll go? That can be a natural response for those who have struggled with health issues in the past. Remember, we’re not going to hold you to a contract. You can and probably will shift the power a few times as you find Oola.
  • Make a short list, and dive into a moment of self-exploration. Your ultimate anchor might be something you’ve suppressed for one reason or another. Ask yourself the hard questions. What is essential to your life? What is unique to your being?
  • Keep an open mind. As you grow in your OolaLife, remember that it’s OK to lift your anchor and move into other waters. You’re on the journey of a lifetime, one that will restore balance to your life and help you realize your dreams. Stay true to yourself and remember always …

Be grateful, have faith, and go get your OolaLife!