The Power Of Positive Self-Talk

The Power Of Positive Self-Talk

Hitting the road, collecting a million dreams on our ’70 VW SurfBus, brings a fresh perspective to this thing we call an OolaLife.

We run into people who, from outward appearances, seem to have it all. They’re fit, they’re financially stable, they’ve got it all together. But if they sat down for a heart-to-heart talk with themselves, they’d walk away convinced they don’t have what it takes to achieve their dreams.

No matter how many times we tell them that they deserve an OolaLife, that whatever has happened in their lives up to this point doesn’t make them unworthy of realizing their wildest dreams, it falls on deaf ears.

Maybe they’re not willing to risk what they have in hand – they’ve heard about the extra pounds that come when you stop smoking – or they were told so many times (often by themselves) that it’s stupid to even think they could, so they don’t even try.

Then there’s Elvin.

When we asked where he was from, he pointed to a pile of blankets down the street. But he took ownership of what he had done to become homeless and he knew what it would take to turn the situation around. When he put the Sharpie to the sticker, vowing to be off the streets in 30 days, we believed him.

Houston’s a distant memory now but we have no doubt Elvin made good on his promise to himself.

What’s the difference between the two? Self-talk!

If we go on a diet, the scale measures our success. There’s no arguing the point; we’re 10 pounds lighter, full of energy, and eager to see how far this can take us. But what about our mental transformation?

Where’s our sense of self-worth? What are we telling ourselves? How can we tap into the Oola that will put us on the path to success, balancing the seven key areas of life while kicking aside OolaBlockers like self-sabotage?

  • Take a walk – or a run if you feel up to it – and for seven minutes, use the time to think of seven things you love about yourself. (We do love that number seven!) It’s far easier to give into negative thoughts but as Elvin proves, acknowledging our downfalls and putting them in perspective can open us to a positive future.

  • Go forward with integrity, one of Oola’s seven OolaAccelerators. Huh? What do moral and ethical principles have to do with self-talk? Think about it; how often do you lie to yourself? As we point out in our first book, “Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced Field,” our worst battle is between what we know and what we feel. We know you have it in you to achieve your goals. You might not feel it yet but it’s amazing what that first success will fuel as you take baby steps toward your OolaGoal. And once you know it, too, there’s no stopping you!

  • Where do you start? How about Ready! Set! Go! What is holding you back? Give it a name and call it forward. Acknowledge it and imagine what life would be like if it wasn’t a factor. If you weren’t afraid to fly, you could finally visit Greece. If you could find the determination to go to the gym, you could join in the soccer game at the next family reunion. Guess what? We’re here to tell you that “YOU CAN!” So, grab 20 seconds of courage and prove it to yourself. Book a flight. Sign up for an aerobics class. Tell yourself what you really knew all along – you can do this! And never forget…

Be grateful, have faith, and go get your OolaLife!