Why Writing Down Goals Are Important

Why Writing Down Goals Are Important

There’s no getting around it; writing things down is an important part of finding your way to your Oola life. Not committing it to memory, but actually taking a few minutes to thoughtfully write out your goals.

There’s good reason for it. Studies show if you write something down and review it daily, you are 80 percent more likely to reach your goal! And we’re not telling you to do anything we don’t do every day.

Here’s a few things to consider as you get into the habit of writing down your goals:

  • With so much going on around us, it’s hard sometimes to hold on to a thought, much less the moves we need to take on balancing the seven Fs of Oola (fitness, finance, family, field, faith, friends and fun). And when we do go back, we usually remember things a little differently. A thought is fleeting. Writing it down makes it stick and reviewing it – instant replay!

  • If you’re like us, tomorrow is like an obstacle course, filled with everything from picking up some milk at the corner grocery store to remembering to walk the dog before you leave. Seeing what you’ve written the night before is a great way to focus on what’s important.

  • Give your brain a break! Have you ever stressed out, trying to remember the name of the actor who played Doc in “Return to the Future”? (It was Christopher Lloyd.) Make it easy and spell it out. Not only will it reduce stress, but you can think clearer when it’s right there in front of you.