When Doughnuts Talk

When Doughnuts Talk

I never thought a couple of doughnuts would give me sage advice. But when I saw those two sugary, blueberry circles of goodness sitting on the top shelf of the local bakery, I was reminded that I am the only one who has ultimate control over my mind and attitude.

It was one of ‘those’ mornings. The kind of day where the drudgery of owning a business overshadows the passion that founded it. I’m a writer at heart. It’s what I’m passionate about. If someone asked me what I’d do for free it would be writing, especially telling people’s stories.

I own a media company. This allows me to use my skills. However, owning the company also brings responsibilities which are not in my natural wheelhouse. These sometimes overwhelm me. That day I was feeling pressed and decided to take a little breather.

I headed to the bakery hoping there were still a couple of blueberry donuts left. I don’t usually crave doughnuts but this bakery is amazing. Typically, if you wanted to snag a doughnut, you need to be there early. As it was later in the morning, I had little hope any doughnuts would be left.

As I made my way down the block, I began to visualize two blueberry doughnuts sitting on the top shelf. If only there were two left, one for me and one for my office manager. That would really make my day!

When I walked in, I literally laughed out loud. It was as if the doughnuts were asking me, “Where have you been all morning? We’ve been waiting for you.”

This experience helped me refocus on something I learned from Oola: be grateful and have faith.

I am grateful for my business, the parts I am passionate about as well as those that require extra effort. And I have faith in my ability to do anything required for success. I’m also grateful for, and have faith in, my wonderful staff. They are passionate about parts of my business that are less exciting to me. They help me and our company.

Gratitude is on of the seven accelerators in Oola. They are values that propel you toward the Oola life. Besides gratitude, there is love, discipline, integrity, humility, wisdom and passion.

Passion is something you naturally enjoy, are good at and gravitate toward. Passion for what you enjoy helps to push through those areas of life that are challenging. It galvinates and fuels the desire to achieve your goals. Passion helps overcome any obstacle in the way to your dreams.

By the time I got back to the office that day, I felt refueled by passion. I reconnected with my OolaLife and both my office manager and I got a doughnut.

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Michelle Van Hee is a Certified Oola Life Coach. You can send her an email to: Michelle@tmpuregold.com