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The energy, heart, emotion and authenticity of the Oola community is like no other. And when you pair that with a two-day self-development workshop applying the proven lifestyle framework, the result is transformational.

OolaPalooza was the BEST event I've ever been to, and I've been in the self-employment personal development space for over 35 years.

OolaPalooza is life changing! You walk in unsure of your life and walk out with a framework that gives you confidence and a plan to follow.

Oola Palooza was exactly what I needed at a time I needed it the most. I walked away inspired to DO better so that I can live a better, more Oola life. If you’re struggling with life right now, I highly recommend it!

Oola Palooza allowed me to really dig deep and focus on me so I could develop strong goals and meaningful whys. I am so ready to crush the next year!!

I made more progress in building my future the way I want to live it in those two short days than I have in years.

This event is life changing! I came ready to set my goals but had no idea how much this event would make me a better person at the end of these 2 days. I am inspired by everyone in the room.