How to Conquer Your Fears

How to Conquer Your Fears

What’s holding you back from living your OolaLife?

If we were to make a guess, it’s probably what we place at the top of our list of seven common OolaBlockers – Fear. You’re not alone; it’s easily the greatest obstacle most of us face on our journey to Oola.

Fear can paralyze us, preventing us from taking the actions needed to put the seven key areas of life in balance and finding our Oola. You know that you need to save a portion of your paycheck each week to reach financial freedom but you’re afraid it will leave you short. You want to join a gym but you feel out of place or, worse, that you might be ridiculed.

At the other extreme, a complete disregard for fear could open us to risks that might completely derail our progress up to this point, such as throwing our savings into what we’re assured is a "safe investment" without doing proper research first.

If we can find the sweet spot in the center, freeing ourselves from fear’s grip by putting it in its rightful place in our OolaLife, we can move forward in our journey. It can happen; we’ve seen it again and again from the amazing individuals we've met on the Oola Dream Tour.

So where do we begin?

  • Call it out. Name your fear and admit the grip it has on your life. Say it out loud, “I am afraid to step foot into a gym because I fear being judged.” There, you’re probably feeling better already. Move ahead to the next step.
  • Set fear in it's place. Ask yourself these two questions; "What would my life look like if I let fear win this battle?" And, "How would my life change if I set fear in its place and took action?" You can do this. You may have to dig deep, but know that you’re better than this. Fear has met its match! And now you’re ready to …
  • Take action. Don't just take the first step. Boldly jump with both feet. Give yourself 20 seconds of insane courage and take an active leap of faith. Open that gym door you have been fearfully avoiding. Confront your fear and put it in its place, for once and for all. Once you recognize fear for what it really is and overcome the grip it has on your life, you will be one huge step closer to the life you dream of and deserve - your OolaLife!