4 Ways To Regain BALANCE In Your Life

4 Ways To Regain BALANCE In Your Life

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” – Abraham Lincoln

A couple hundred years later, Lincoln probably would have slipped an "OolaLife" into that quote. He was definitely on that track, defying incredible odds as he rose to become President of the United States.

When he was 7, his mother drank a cup of contaminated milk and, in great pain, slowly died before his eyes. As a young man, leaving the farm to go into business with a friend, he went bankrupt and had his personal possessions seized to pay his debt.

Then he found true love, only to lose his beloved months into their engagement. He went into a deep depression, made some bad decisions and a few good ones, too. And we all know how his story ends.

Every step of the way, he could have found an excuse to give up hope, sink into despair, and toss everything away. But he chose life.

Where are you today? Are you standing at the crossroads of fear, guilt and regret over the past that's keeping your from pursuing your OolaLife? Some of us, as we begin to find balance in the 7 key areas of life, need to pay off some credit card debt and lose a few pounds.

Others among us face far more daunting obstacles in our journey, with the OolaBlockers never missing an opportunity to promise failure. But as the OolaGuru and OolaSeeker love to say, "While you can’t change the past, you can rewrite the ending."

So, how do you put the past in its place and take your life back?

  • Own your past and use it to grow. What did you learn through your struggles? How can you use the lessons learned to take you to a better place today? As hard as it might seem, showing gratitude for what brought you to this point is a big OolaAccelerator in your journey forward. So, channel the humility that comes with serving others and finding purpose through faith into something bigger than ourselves.

  • Control the fear. Often, what we most fear doesn’t really exist. We anticipate failure and, through self-sabotage, we make it our reality. Instead, grab 20 seconds of courage and act on your fear. Even the tiniest of steps toward your OolaLife takes away fear’s power over your life, and success is a powerful motivation to continue down that path.

  • Realize that you are not alone on this journey. Surrounding yourself with a support team helps in so many ways, not only encouraging you as you put your life in balance but holding you accountable to the goals you’ve set for yourself.

  • At the same time, success doesn’t rest on what others think of you or whether you’ve met their expectations. This is the time to honestly look at yourself, where you are and the dreams you have for your future. If money was no object and if failure was taken off the table, where would you be today? What action can you take today that will help begin your journey toward the life you dream of and deserve?

Honest Abe’s dreams took him to the White House and a place in history. How do you want to be remembered?